Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wedding cake

Last year I was asked to make a wedding cake for one of my best friends. I was very grateful to be asked and although I was looking forward to making my first wedding cake I was very nervous as I wanted to get it right! I spent many an hour practising the piping work to go around the sides as it was not something that I have ever had cause to do/learn before.

I also spent time practising and then making the final roses to go on the cake. I enjoyed making the roses even though they took time and patience. My friend Claire had chosen to have Sweet Avalanche roses in her bouquet and although I may not have got them to look the like Avalanche roses exactly they were at least the same pale shade of pink.

The ribbon around the cake matched the ribbon used on the invitations and also on the favour boxes. That along with the beautiful colours of the Hydrangeas in the flower displays helped to tie everything together nicely.

The top and bottom tiers were fruit cakes and the middle was a sponge cake - meaning I had to ensure I dowelled the cake correctly to avoid squashing the sponge! It was helpful being able to make/marzipan/ice the fruit cakes in advance.

Two days before the wedding I stacked the cakes, placed the ribbon around the sides and then piped them. The piping alone took over 3 hours - which may have been down to me being a novice with perfectionist tendencies.

On the day of the wedding I took the cake across to Buxton (whilst ensuring my Husband drove slowly around every country corner) and when in place on the table I then added the roses which had been carried in a tin surrounded by kitchen towels. I also 'touched up' any piping I wasn't happy with.

I was pleased with the final cake. It took a lot of work and effort but it was definitely worth it.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Seventieth birthday cake

I got the idea for this cake from a friend - Sarah Gold at the design is simple but it creates an effective yet classy cake. The most difficult bit was cutting out all of the letters! The ones in white spell out Happy Birthday and clearly have a 'random' layout on the cake. Except for the ones on the front which you can see do spell out Happy Birthday.
The design of the letters has an impact on the feel of the cake - which could help to personalise it. For example, 'Groovy' lettering would give it a more retro '70's feel.