Monday, 5 September 2011

My brothers birthday cake

I made a cake for my brothers 23rd birthday. After making his graduation cake I discovered that he is a fan of lemon cake, more so than chocolate cake. He also said that he likes cadburys chocolate fingers so I decided to google cake designs with chocolate fingers and they all seemed to involve maltesers. I liked the idea so I created my own chocolate finger/malteser cake. Instead of having the maltesers 'fan' out the middle of the cake I preferred them to appear as if they were 'floating' off the top of the cake. The sponge was layered with lemon curd and coated in a lemon buttercream. The fondant icing was coloured yellow (because of the lemon flavour) and I added a matching ribbon. Thankfully my brother liked this cake, calling me his 'awesome sister' on Google+ !

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