Friday, 17 August 2012

Silverstone cake

I was asked to make a cake with the Silverstone track on top. I decided to add the chequered effect around the side to help create the Formula 1 theme. The track was made from rolled out black icing and again I used white/black icing to make the squares. I was well practised at this as the cake I made last week also had a chequered pattern. The little chequered patch marking the start of the track was made from sugar paste and I drew the squares using my edible black pen.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Vans cake

I was asked to make a cake with the Vans logo and chequer board pattern, as well as a pair of 'Gok Wan' style glasses and a laptop. The real challenge in this cake as you can imagine was creating both the glasses and the laptop. For these I used black sugar paste. I drew a template of the glasses and used this to cut out the shape. I then left it to set by hanging it over an object the same width as the front of the glasses. The laptop had to be left to set in the 'open' position before sticking on my screen and keyboard!

This was a fun cake to make and I think the chequer board is effective and actually a technique that I will be using in next weeks watch this space!