Sunday, 27 November 2016

Black cat cake

A good friend asked me to make a cake for his niece who was going to be turning 3. She absolutely loves her cat - Jeremy and he knew she would love a cake that looked like him.

In terms of features, Jeremy is black with black ears, black nose and black whiskers! This proved difficult when trying to make the cake - it helps to have colour to make features stand out. Fortunately he has golden eyes and a slight brown to the inner parts of his ears.

Jeremy also has a black collar so I used a black ribbon around the base. Luckily his tag is gold which provided some colour to stand out against the icing/ribbon. I feel that the purple message stood out well against the black icing.

According to my friend and his sister, Fearne absolutely loved this cake! Very simple, but clearly just what Fearne wanted.

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